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Before Fifty Shades of Grey products, bondage was not as widely accepted as it is today. Thanks to EL James, the British writer who created the bestselling erotic book series, it’s now considered an essential experience for any adventurous couple looking for new things to try.

Fifty Shades of Grey in South Africa caused a boom in the adult market, with many adult toy manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon. But for the truly authentic experience you still cannot get any better than the branded products themselves.

That is why we decided to include many original Fifty Shades of Grey products in our Désir bondage range. Read the books, then delight in the products directly from the pages - for you and your lover to experience together.

Light Bondage Play Brings Couples Closer

Our range of Désir bondage toys include many popular showcases from the trilogy, including satin blindfolds for heightened sensation, masks for added mystery and feather ticklers for couples looking to introduce themselves to new power dynamics.

These basic Fifty Shades of Grey products quickly graduate to the more intermediate range – as they do in the books – including various creative sets of restraints, nipple clamps, and vibrating toys meant to inspire your imagination as you explore intimate control together.

Fifty Ways To Say I Love You

Couples that enjoy intimate bondage experiences will rave about Fifty Shades of Grey in South Africa, as a way for them to express their love for each other. For more advanced play, the toy range extends to cock rings, handcuffs, ropes, anal beads and discipline toys like whips, rulers and paddles.

Increasingly popular among our Fifty Shades of Grey products are the vibrating eggs - for remote control over your lover’s pleasure, and the glass massage wands that are great companions for temperature play and teasing.

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