Durex products have long been known as the premier range of safety and lubricating items on the market. Famous for their high quality condoms, the brand brings 80 years of intensive experience to the world of sexual health and safety – inside and outside of the bedroom.

For many years Durex in South Africa has been trusted to protect users from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, guarding public health and promoting safer sex for everyone. Founded in 1915 as The London Rubber Company, they sold imported condoms and barber shop supplies.

A brand steeped in history, Durex products were released into the public sphere in the 1950’s as one of the world’s first lubricated condoms. They carried on innovating, and were also the first brand ever to develop electronic testing to ensure greater safety practices in product development.

A Safer Condom For Complete Peace of Mind

Durex condoms are widely known as the safest in the world, and that is because they take the international standards most other companies ascribe to and exceed them with every product. Your average condom company tests each condom with 18 litres of air, but not Durex!

On this progressive factory floor every condom is filled with 40 litres of air instead. If any of these Durex products burst during the testing process, the entire batch of 432,000 condoms is destroyed. As an extra precaution, sample condoms are tested with water to check for leaks.

Pioneering Lubricants For a New Adult Market

It makes sense then for a company with this kind of safety record to expand Durex in South Africa, to bring an exciting product range to a new generation of adventurous couples in the bedroom. The brand has branched out into the lubrication field, ideal for sex toys of all shapes and sizes.

Best of all, these new Durex products are scientifically advanced and formulated to enhance sensations, causing stimulating tingling when applied to erogenous areas on the human body. That means your lubrication adds an extra pleasure-punch when you use it.

Try these Durex intimate lubricants and heighten the pleasure you share together. Find your favourite among the flavoured and invigorating products on offer at Désir.

Choose the right condoms and lubrication from our Durex products right here.

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  • R49

    lable in a pack of 3 or 12.Durex Pleasuremax Tingling condoms feature not only a ribbed and dotted texture, but are also coated in a tingling lubricant designed to provide additional stimulation for both you and your partner. Transparent, and natural rubber, these condoms feature an easy on shape and a teat end reservoir. Measuring at a width of 56mm,...

  • R199

    Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel contains Aloe Vera. It is soft, smooth & silky and is gentle enough to be used all over the body as well as intimate areas. It also has a delicate fragrance for an arousing aromatherapy experience. It is water soluble and easily washed off.  It is non sticky and won't stain. 

  • R49

    Durex Performa condoms contain a special lube – called Benzocaine – inside the condom which helps the man to delay climax and prolong excitement…for longer-lasting pleasure. The special way we make Durex Performa condoms means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, so you can just relax and enjoy. Available in a pack of 3 or 12.

  • R49

    Durex Fetherlite Ultra condoms are super fine with Sensi-Fit which provides a sleeker fit for even greater feeling (compared to our standard latex condoms) where you want it most. On average, Durex Fetherlite Ultra condoms are 20% thinner than your standard latex condoms and help to enhance sensitivity, bringing you and your partner even closer together....

  • R39

    The Fetherlite condoms by Durex are designed to provide you with both safety and sensitivity. With as easy on shaped design and it's teat ended reservoir, the Durex Fetherlite is manufactured to follow your shape and provides additional comfort and fit. Transparent in colour, and lubricated this natural latex condoms has a more pleasureable smell and...

  • R39
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    The Durex Select Flavoured condoms are a pack of 3 coloured and flavoured condoms designed to add extra fun to the bedroom. Featuring banana, strawberry, and orange flavours, these natural rubber latex condoms are teat ended, lubricated, and feature a width of 53mm. For extra comfort use a condom safe durex lubricant, and use only one condom per application.

  • R49

    The Durex Pleasuremax condoms feature uniquely positioned ribs and dots designed to enhance stimulation for both you and your partner. Transparent and lubricated, these natural rubber latex condoms feature a teat ended and are engineered for an easy on fit and shape. With a width of 56mm, these condoms are to be used one per application and are best used...

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