Bijoux sensual accessories are some of our more exclusive products, direct from Bijoux Indiscrets, a company that is blazing new trails in the adult market. Their belief in the unification of romance and eroticism to enhance true passion and love in their customers caught our eye.

These unique, sensual accessories in South Africa strip away the cheap, tawdry and tasteless images that the adult industry has perpetrated for too many years. A product that is risqué and adventurous does not automatically have to be dirty and associated with vice.

With unprecedented panache, Bijoux sensual accessories have stormed the market with their first-class range of sophisticated adult toys that exude their core values and beliefs. If you are a fan of luxury, refinement and elegance, then this is the range that will change your life.

Beautifully Crafted and Exquisitely Packaged

To be included in the Désir sensual accessories range means that the brand has to be a touch above the others. Our demanding clientele insist on the best after all. Each and every product from Bijoux is meticulously crafted to guarantee durability, style and class across the range.

Even the packaging radiates their mission, making all Bijoux sensual accessories beautiful enough to give as gifts to friends and loved ones. They are becoming increasingly popular tokens for bachelor and bachelorette parties, adding that sensual sophistication that most other brands lack.

Get Started With Intimate Couples Play

Sensual accessories in South Africa have lacked imagination in previous years, and as a result couples that have searched for a way to transition from bland bedroom experiences into more exciting play have struggled. The good news is that this brand wants to bridge the gap.

Bijoux sensual accessories offer tasteful toys for beginners that will help them discover each other, and which types of sensual play they are most attracted to. Try their popular lucky love dice for example, for a personalized spree into your first set of playful experiences.

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  • R399

    These Bijoux Za Za Zu Feather Handcuffs are made from soft marabou feathers and the combination of soft feather & cold chain creates an incredible mix of sensations. Bunch up the cuffs and use them to caress and tease your partner, alternating between feathers & chain. Let your partner restrain you, letting your senses dictate the game.

  • R499

    Bijoux Wanderlust Aphrodisia travel size gift pack. Bijoux Wanderlust Aphrodisia gift pack is a travel size pack of massage oil, body mist, arousal creme, feather tickler and two satin handcuffs. Perfect for travel.

  • R499

    Bijoux's stripteuse is the perfect gift for a Burlesque night! A beautiful gift tin featuring a black feather boa, red satin garter, rhinestone nipple decorations, and cd of sultry music - this is the ultimate kit for a night to remember. 

  • R268

    This Bijoux PomPom Feather Tickler is the perfect accessory to your bedtime sensory experience. With a tiny balled handle, these black feathers are perfect for stroking, tickling, touching, and tempting. Perfect for adding a sensory experience to your bedtime play.

  • R199

    Bijoux Mimi Body Decoration are beautiful body ornaments designed to turn a woman's body into an art piece, accentuating her breasts & enhancing sexy lingerie. With a silicone self adhesive base that is easy to apply & possibly reuse.

  • R1,199

    This Happily Ever After Set is the perfect pleasure gift for the bride to be or for Honeymoon play. Consisting of a satin garter with bow, satin handcuffs, self adhesive nipple pasties, and an exotic feather tickler, this gift set is beautifully wrapped and promises a night of sensual pleasure.

  • R559

    The Bijoux Plasir Nacre Handcuffs are designed in a beautiful pearl finish of either black or white pearl, and are a more rigid handcuff. Use these to beautifully adorn your favourite lingerie enticing your partner to heighten your senses and practice a little bit of control.

  • R399

    The Bijoux Satin Frou Frou Handcuffs are made of sophisticated organza and satin. Perfect for beginner bondage play or simply a way to enhance your orgasmic sensory experience. Tie your partners hands up for an all intensified sensory controlled experience.  Team up with beautiful lingerie for overall sensuality.

  • R269

    Bijoux Flash Heart Nipple Pasties. Bijoux's flash heart nipple pasties are ideal for couple surprise, tempt and tease. Silicone based and self adhesive, they are easy to apply and reusable.

  • R269

    Bijoux Flash Cross Nipple Pasties.Bijoux's flash cross nipple pasties are ideal for couple surprise, tempt and tease. Silicone based and self adhesive, they are easy to apply and reusable.

  • R284

    Turn your body into an art piece with these decorative body jewels. Inspired by the dazzling peacock feather, these ornaments have an easily-applicable, self-adhesive silicone base & can be worn with alluring lingerie.

  • R659

    Bijoux Poeme butter Body butter and plume set are perfect for body painting. The melting texture and exquisite aroma are meant to awaken all five senses and are the perfect foreplay accessory. 50g.

  • R219

    The Bijoux Blindfold is a glamorous opaque, soft, and padded eye mask which allows you to heighten your senses during orgasmic play. 

  • R1,245
    1 Review

    Diamonds are a girls best friend & what could be a better addition to your boudoir than the Twenty One clitoral stimulator by Bijoux Indiscrets. This jewel-shaped, luxury vibrator has a powerful, discreet motor & is perfectly shaped to provide you various types of stimulation.

  • R199

    This box of Bijoux rose petals provide you with the ultimate in scene setting for a romantic prelude to your intimate evening. Beautifully aromatic, these perfumed red rose petals if stored correctly can be used again and again to set the mood for you and your partner.

  • R449

    The Bijoux Kissable Body Powder in Wild Strawberry flavour is the perfect combination of the richness of honey and the fragrance of strawberries all blended into a full symphony of scents that come together on the body. With a fluffy applicator, simply dust the powder onto all areas of the body and enjoy the sensual exploration of each other's body...

  • R699

    This striking adjustable mesh collar & body chain is an alluring addition to the boudoir. Adorn your body with this metal chain that drapes over the torso & waist to wear for any occasion as well as add a little something extra to the bedroom.

  • R659

    The Bijoux Crazy Cold Intimate gel is perfect to be used as a lubricant or massage gel, creating the most amazing cool tingle on all your intimate areas. Heightening all your sensations, this gel is non sticky, easy to clean, and only requires a small application for maximum results. Beautifully packaged, this gel has no boundaries.

  • R399

    The Bijoux Bliss Bliss Silicone Massage gel is a silicone gel which glides onto the skin, leaving you feeling satin smooth and luxuriously soft. Perfect for intimate areas or erotic massage, this gel in a gorgeous air-pump bottle lasts so much longer as you only need to apply a tiny amount to discover the thrill of satin on skin. Glides on smoothly and...

  • R599

    Your sense of smell can ignite the most extraordinary passion within you. This bed & lingerie perfume with aromatherapy scented oils combining the smell of rose, jasmine, wood & spice as well as the erotic powers of Ylang-Ylang, this spray is perfect for creating the ultimate sense of seduction. Scent the room or spray on your bedding for...

  • R785

    The Aphrodisia is a 2 in 1 scented, silicone-based massage and intimate gel that is the ideal addition to your boudoir. Great for massages and perfect for pleasure. It has a fragrance that was inspired by the Kama Sutra that combines ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose & oriental spices - the exclusive essence of Bijoux Indiscrets. It has been created to heighten...

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