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At Désir our range of Bathmate pumps comes from the original brand that created them – Hydromax. Since launching their innovative penis enhancement pump in 2006, the company has sold millions of these technologically advanced pumps all over the globe.

Bathmate in South Africa has become the preferred water-based penis exerciser available, with its patented technology and efficiency in long-term use. These ‘hydropumps’ are meant to be used in either the bath or the shower, and use water pressure to increase your size over time.

The old stigma attached to penis pumps and now Bathmate pumps have changed. These tools are not solely for men looking to increase their size anymore. In fact our Désir water pumps have been called ‘essential’ for the long-term sexual health of every modern man today.

More Than Just A Male Enhancer

Some of the Bathmate pumps from Hydromax were created because of a need that came about in the adult film industry. As it happens, extended sexual play can weaken the stamina and arousal of a man, which leads to decreased sensations and unimpressive performance.

These pumps have been proven to change that, thanks to their unique exercising action. With Bathmate in South Africa, men will never have to experience a decline in their sexual performance.

The exerciser will keep you in perfect sexual health, stimulating blood flow and instant arousal as needed. Brilliant for harder, stronger erections, this companion is your key to limitless play.

Increasing Size and Extending Performance

Your average penis pump promises to increase your size, but Bathmate pumps actually deliver on this promise using clinically proven technology. They guarantee a boost in your length and girth with regular use, and are - quite literally - a pleasure to use in the shower.

Bathmate pumps come in a range of different sizes, and are a fun way to take care of any erectile dysfunction that maybe limiting your bedroom play. Bathmate is widely considered as the best quality alternative to the clumsy pumps of the past. If you’re going to get a pump, make sure that yours is a Hydromax to ensure excellent results.

Choose from our range of penis pumps from Hydromax right here.

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