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Quiz: Are You #Sexpositive or #Sexnegative?

Take the quiz, located near the end of the page and measure your attitude towards sex in 2017!. But if you would like to, first read about the Sex Positive Movement for some context.

The sex positive movement has been around for some time now, yet so few people are aware of it or why it’s significant! That’s why it’s important that you take this quiz right away.

Your attitude towards sex will impact your life in so many ways. It will trickle down to the people around you, impact your relationships and be passed onto your friends and family.


You may believe that you’re quite progressive when it comes to sexuality and thinking about sex in a modern context – but is this really the case? We’ve recently discovered that the vast majority of South Africans still cling to old, outdated notions of sex, and these cause damage and dysfunction.

And as you know, we’re on a mission to change that!

That’s why today’s post is a blend of sex education about being #sexpositive and finding out if you really are as open minded as you think – just take this ‘first-of-its-kind’ quiz below!

What The Heck Does Sex Positive Even Mean?

The roots of being sex positive sprang from Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. He noticed that in many societies sex was seen as either good or bad, something healthy or something to be repressed.


The movement developed from the Free Love period of the 60’s and into a type of sex-positive feminism in the 80’s. Today it’s known simply as the sex positive movement – a social movement that embraces sexuality with very few limits other than consensual, safe sex.

It’s a positive attitude towards sexuality that insists all consensual sex is healthy and fun, and that experimentation and pleasure are very good things in the life of a human being.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have sex negative attitudes which are pervasive in South African culture, still to this day!

These attitudes are the ones that promote sex as dirty, shameful and a thing to be controlled. Born from these negative views, we have discrimination, stereotyping and hatred towards people who are sexually open, homosexual, polyamorous* or who have a specific fetish they prefer.

* Polyamory is typically the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships where individuals may have more than one partner, with the knowledge and consent of all partners.

Being sex positive means accepting that there are no ethical or moral distinctions between personal preferences when it comes to sex, as long it’s safe and consensual between adults.

  • Positive: sex is a positive force in your life
  • Negative: sex is a negative, problematic or dangerous force in your life

It’s 2017, so we know better than to think people divide equally into these 2 groups! So we have created a quiz for you to take that will help you understand your attitudes towards sex!

Have at it!

Q1: How Do Feel About Your Naked Body?

Did you get the answer to ‘am I positive or negative about sex?’ Hopefully this quiz has helped you uncover some of your hidden attitudes towards sex and sexuality.

We could all be a little more sex positive in the future!

If you enjoyed this quiz, please share it!

Use the hashtag #sexpositive and help spread a positive message on sex in SA.


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