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8 Travel-Friendly Sex Toys to Take With You on Holiday

Travel-friendly sex toys help you avoid trouble, embarrassment and even criminal charges at the airport. You need to know which toys will get through TSA with ease. Here’s our pick of the best.

It pays to have a solid plan when travelling with adult toys. Discretion is the name of the game, so that what you’re packing doesn’t cause problems with the TSA. Today’s post, helps you understand why these 8 toys are far less risky to take on your next trip, than the ones at home.

#1: Sex Toys That Look like Lipstick

It’s natural to want to hide your sex toys from the TSA – especially because checks are often done

in public. Then, there’s the general risk of having ‘suspicious bag contents.’

Just recently, an entire terminal at the Berlin airport was evacuated thanks to a misidentified sex toy in a man’s bag. The culprit turned out to be a vibrator!

Instead, we say – buy adult toys that don’t look suspicious. An easy way to do this, is to invest in travel-friendly sex toys that look like everyday objects. Our favourite of these, are vibrating lipsticks.

2GO Compact Clitoral Stimulator – Womanizer


Iroha Lipstick Powerful Multi-speed Clitoral Vibrator


#2: Silicone Penis Rings That Won’t be Noticed

If you’re ultra-cautious, you’ll never go wrong with a discreet pack of RingO Ritz Silicone Rings.

These simple sex toys look completely harmless, and they don’t have any technology in them which might raise alarm in certain countries. Plus, you get all the benefits of a stronger erection and increased stamina in the bedroom while away on your trip.

The perfect discreet addition to your bag on a honeymoon, or a couple’s vacation!

RingO Ritz Silicone Penis Ring – Screaming ORingO Ritz Silicone Rings.


#3: The Miniature Body Massager That Go’s The Distance

If you’re into romance, and want a versatile toy that will be the perfect accompaniment on your holiday – a tiny version of the classic Hitachi Wand is a traveller’s best friend.

You get the power of a full size body massager, packed into a miniature travel-sized toy. It’s completely waterproof if you want to use it in the shower or hotel bath, and it’s great for all over erotic massages. These vibrators don’t mess around when it comes to pint-sized pleasure.

Small toys will get through airport security far easier than your home Hitachi. We recommend this 5 function Massager Bodywand to enhance intimacy abroad.

Mini 5 Function Ultra Discreet Body Wand Vibrator


#4: The Male Masturbator That Looks like a Torch

It’s true that some of the best adult toys for travel need to be of a certain size. When it comes to male masturbators, you can’t really go ultra-small.

So, do you leave your favourite masturbator at home? No! You get the Flight Pilot Fleshlight which was made for regular business travel.

This model is light, small and it looks exactly like a torch. Even if it is unpacked publically, it has a clean frosted exterior that doesn’t look like a woman’s bits. Travelling with this Fleshlight is the safest way to fly with your favourite toy for solo play.


Flight Pilot™ Male Masturbator – Fleshlight

#5: A Clitoral Vibrator That Could be a Razor

Sex toys for travel come in many shapes and sizes. These days, you could put a modern hair removal device next to a vibrator and not know the difference!

If you’re looking for an all-round toy for women’s solo play, that isn’t going to be an obvious giant dildo or phallic shaped vibrator in your bag – we recommend the The Ovibe Clitoral Vibrator.

The cool thing about this adult toy, is that it could be mistaken for an automatic razor. Its soft silicone head stimulates your nipples and clitoris, for on-the-go orgasms that are intensely satisfying.

OVibe Clitoral Compact Vibrator – Screaming O

#6: Tiny Toy Upgrades That Will Sneak By in Your Luggage

Imagine this – it’s your honeymoon, or that special romantic holiday you’ve been waiting to enjoy with a loved one. You want to experiment, but you’re terrified that BDSM kit you bought will make airport security think that you’re some kind of deviant.

Depending on where you go in the world, different cultures respond to sex toys in different ways. In some places, they are illegal! Make sure you know where you’re going and what the rules are!

Travel friendly-sex toys are often small, for good reason. Tiny toys don’t attract attention, they’re easy to hide in your bag – and they don’t look obvious in scans.

What you need is a total upgrade of the three main pleasure giving areas – your mouth, your hands and your erection! The Vibroman Start Kit is a pack of 3 tiny sex toys that enhance these specific areas for your lover’s pleasure.

Tease her to orgasm with this super-powerful 3 pack of travel toys!

VibrOman Starter Kit for Couples




#7: Finger Vibrators That Discreetly Tuck Away

As a woman, knowing how to travel with sex toys can be challenging. We know many ladies who would rather leave their vibrators at home, than risk complications at the TSA.

That’s why The Fingo is a great travel solution. It charges with a USB chord, and is small enough to look like a piece of junk jewellery, or an average toy.

Don’t let its size deceive you, though! The battery lasts for 60 minutes and it has 10 vibration settings to choose from. This sex toy looks perfectly normal amongst your other electronics, or you can slip it into a ziplock bag and keep it with your make-up!

Charged FingO Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

#8: The Classic Rubber Duck Vibrator

Discreet sex toys don’t get any better than the famous iRub My Duckie Tease Toy.It’s a vibrator that looks exactly like a rubber duck!As an adult bath accessory, women travel with their waterproof duckie for sensual solo play while they’re away. Couples will benefit from this toy as well, especially if you really want to make sure no-one will know what they’re looking at.

These travel-friendly sex toys are stealthy, healthy and ready-to-go. You won’t have to worry about any hold-ups or awkward explanations when you intentionally pack these sly travel mates!

I Rub My Duckie ‘Paris’ Clitoral Vibrator

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Still not sure which travel toy to choose? Tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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