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6 Revolutionary Sex Toy Essentials That Inspire Intimacy

Sex toy essentials are vastly underrated bedroom items that can bring you and your lover closer together. In this post we look at 6 life-changing products that naturally encourage intimacy.

One of the most common concerns in any relationship today is the lack of intimacy that happens after a few years. Eventually he gets bored and sex becomes mechanical – and you lose that intense spark that used to light up your loins whenever he looked in your general dichrection.

Your sex life may not be suffering yet, but it soon will. No woman can stay interested in sex when she feels like the bond has been broken, or the intimacy has faded. Essentials bring things back to basics, simplifying a boring or over-complicated sex life that has become bland and unappealing.

The right sex lubricants and stimulants can usher in a process of rediscovery for you and your lover. Nothing says I want to connect more than starting from scratch and showing your vulnerability.

Couple enjoying real intimacy with sex enhancers
Couple enjoying real intimacy with sex enhancers.

In this post I’m going to share with you how these sex toy essentials can rekindle lost passion.

Honesty and Education is Key To Sexual Happiness

Sex toy essentials are an often overlooked group of sexual accompaniments that many people view as unnecessary. Ironically, it’s these simple additions that can make a major difference in the quality and potential of your sexual experiences.

Your relationship needs help, and if you are going to boost those levels of intimacy you have to start with the basics. The key to sexual happiness is consistency, closeness with your partner and predictably intense, exciting experiences that thrill you with each new encounter.

Of course, that all seems very far removed from what you have been experiencing. Sadly, you can have ‘just sex’ where the intimacy is gone and your emotions are starving for something more. Sex toy essentials help you realign the connection between love and sex, for true intimacy.

According to Bern Mendez, a relationship expert mentored by Tony Robbins, couples need to widen the range of expressiveness between them to make room for a deeper spiritual connection. This means stepping outside the safety zone, trying new things and expressing themselves honestly.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and to obsess about the things that are lacking in your sexual relationship. Instead, try focusing on the experiences you can create, enhance and infuse with new life. It only takes one partner, and some reliable sex toy essentials, to get the job done. Here’s how.

Sex enhancers like lubricants and condoms improve intimacy
Sex enhancers like lubricants and condoms improve intimacy.

How The Right Lubrication and Stimulants Can Inspire Quality Play

Same old, same old sexual encounters are boring. But how do you expect things to change when you are always so ill-prepared for spontaneous sexual play time? Lubrication and stimulants can and will inspire you to break out of the mould and try new things.

#1: Sex Lubricants For Any and Every Sexual Adventure

Lubricants are not just for older women who struggle to get aroused! In fact, there are some incredible reasons why you should always have a couple of tubes of high quality lube lying around in your sex toy essentials cabinet.

Quality lubricant intensifies pleasure, helps sex last longer and improves the fun during foreplay with sex toys. The Journal of Medicine published a 2013 study stating that 9 out of 10 women felt that sex was more pleasurable when they used lubrication.

Water-based lubricants are a branch of sex toy essentials that are great for women. According to Samantha Evens a sexual health expert, these lubricants feel completely natural, and they are absorbed into the tissue of the vagina which helps nourish the tissue keeping it flexible.

#2: Sexual Stimulants For Enhanced Stimulation

Stimulants are powerful additions to your cabinet of sex toys essentials. A deeper sensory experience can be created when your lover chooses to use a stimulation gel or lubricant that enhances arousal, causing pleasurable tingling.

These stimulants can be used on genitals or for anal play – even on nipples. If you have been struggling to get aroused, you should always have a few quality stimulants in your cabinet. They will help you relax and respond to your partner’s touch, which naturally enhances excitement.

These sensual sex toy essentials are also excellent to use on your sex toys during foreplay. Once your partner has helped you achieve maximum arousal, the intimate bond will only grow stronger as you make love together, sharing the tingling, heightened sensations during sex.

Sex enhancers make spontaneous sex possible
Sex enhancers make spontaneous sex possible.

How Higher Level Hygiene Expands Your Sexual Repertoire

Life gets busy and sex takes a back seat – everyone at some point in their relationships has had to face this reality. But being lazy and unmotivated kills sexual excitement. When you stop being prepared for great sex at any time of the day, it stops happening. That’s your fault!

#3: Proper Vaginal Hygiene Means Readiness 24/7

Intimate care hygiene may not seem like something that can improve the intimacy in your sex life, but it absolutely does. What is a bigger mood killer than losing the ability to be spontaneous? Sex toy essentials like these take care of that.

When you use intimate wash products, feminine moisturizers, douche kits and cleansing towelettes – your sensitive regions will always be ready to take centre stage and be the star of the show. That means you will have the confidence to initiate sex anywhere, and be as spontaneous as you like.

Enjoy the intimacy of seamless sexual experiences without any mood killing pauses, anytime, anywhere!

#4: The Thing About Condoms and Sexual Intimacy

Condoms are sex toy essentials that you take for granted, but without them you can’t enjoy some of the most pleasurable and intimate moments together with your lover in the bedroom. What might seem like a small thing, can be a big one!

How many times have you bought condoms that were not your preferred brand? Maybe the quick shop ran out, or they had the right brand but the wrong style. For a man, this can seriously impact what they feel during sex. Plus without condoms, sex toy use can cause hygiene concerns.

Put a stop to all of these obstacles by guaranteeing that these critical sex toy essentials are always in your cabinet of delights. Buy in bulk – the right style and the right brand.

How You Can Guarantee That Romance Is Always Ready To Go

Intimacy is one third preparation, one third concentration and one third celebration. When you are always ready for romance, a magical thing happens. You get it! It’s up to you to make it happen.

#5: Keep Your Sex Toys Charged and Ready

Chargers gives your sex toy essentials the juice they need to work. How many times have you thought about using a toy, but fobbed it off because it needed to charge first? Get into the habit of keeping all of your toys fully charged at all times.

Vanessa Marin, a sex expert from Psychology Today, argues that in order to explore sexual boundaries with your partner, you have to be ready to break out of old patterns. Real intimacy happens in the moment, so make sure that your moments have limitless possibility!

#6: Stock Up On Consumables For Instant Romance

Massage candles are great consumable sex toy essentials that you can keep in your cabinet of delights for any occasion. How many times have you wanted romance, but didn’t have the tools to create a romantic experience or setting?

Instead of waiting for it to happen, make it possible. Consumable items like candles, massage oils and other ‘romance-orientated’ products should live in your cabinet for impulse occasions, celebrations and fun experiences. Preparation is so important for ongoing romance and intimacy!

Sex enhancers result in greater couples intimacy
Sex enhancers result in greater couples intimacy.

To Inspire Intimacy You Must Plan To Be Intimate

Intimacy does not happen in an ailing sexual relationship on its own. That’s like expecting to bake a deliciously cake spontaneously, but you haven’t bought any of the required ingredients. The quality of your cake depends on the preparatory steps you take. It’s the same for your sex life.

So, ‘Should I buy condom packs in bulk?’ Yes! Should you stock romantic items in your cupboard, keep your sex toys fully charged and prepare for spontaneous moments in earnest? A hundred times, yes! With these sex toy essentials, you will find that genuine intimacy seeps back into your life!

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