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10 Discreet Sex Toy Vibrators You Definitely Need

Sex toy vibrators are the most popular toys available today, but they can also be mortifying if discovered during travel. You need discretion, and you need it now – before an unwary security person exposes your secret companion in public!

The good news is that the sex toy industry has realised this common problem and has taken steps to reduce or completely eliminate the potentially embarrassing experiences that result when travelling with your favourite vibrator. No-one enjoys unexpected public humiliation.

Today’s post examines the vibrator, sex toy options from our list of highly discreet, specially made toys that will help you travel with confidence completely anxiety-free!

woman hides clitoris vibrators in luggage
Woman hides clitoris vibrators in luggage

The 4 Best Vibrating Toys For Total Secrecy

If you are one of those people that like to travel with a toy, but you do not want to deal with the emotional repercussions of a public luggage check, then you need a companion so discreet – no-one would think twice about what it is, even if they happened to be holding it.

These ‘secret’ sex toy vibrators are hugely popular, and it’s not just women that travel with them, but couples too. Before we give you our incredible staff pick of the 4 best toys for total secrecy, here’s a list of what to look for in a highly discreet sex toy.

Secret Sex Toys Should:

  • Not be in an obviously sexual shape (phallic or vaginal)
  • Should closely resemble your average massager
  • Can be wearable so that they do not need to be stored in luggage
  • Might appear to be a perfume or make-up item
  • Can look like a non-assuming bath toy
  • Are usually smaller for compact storage in a safe place
  • Have an extremely quiet motor in case it turns on inside your bag

If you take precautions and store your sex toy vibrators with your bath items, make-up goodies or general toiletries, no-one – not even a high quality scanner at the airport will spot these toys.

#1: The Bluemotion Nex from OhMiBod


Sidestep the trauma of putting anything into your bag by sneakily wearing the vibrator you plan to use on your romantic
getaway. Strip searches are far less common and they are always private – so even if you are caught wearing one of these, it will not be as embarrassing.

The fantastic Bluemotion Nex is a pair of vibrating panties that allows you to slip a contoured and comfortable vibrator into the underwear – which is completely invisible from the outside.

These wearable sex toy vibrators are great because they can be used for solo satisfaction away, or by couples who like to take a bit of kink on their trips. The vibrator itself is linked to an app with pre-set vibration patterns, which means one person can control the feeling while the other experiences it!

This secret sex toy scores a 10 for discretion!

  • Highly discreet vibrators are also great gifts.

#2: The Mia 2 Vibrator from Lelo


What could be more discreet than unassuming sex toy vibrators that look like a lipstick? The Mia 2 is exactly that, which means that no-one will be the wiser, whether viewing your bag through scanners or rummaging through your socks in a quick-but-thorough security check.

The Mia was made for secrecy – not only does it closely resemble lipstick, it is USB rechargeable which means no suspicious batteries in your bag, and the motor is 100% silent! Plus the lipstick curve makes it especially intense as one of the best small sex toy vibrators on the market.

As a clitoral stimulator you can’t go wrong with this silicone sex toy, which has 6 variable vibration patterns and a full hour and a half’s worth of play stored in the battery.

This secret sex toy scores a 9.5 for discretion!

#3: The I Rub My Duckie Clitoral Vibrator


As far as sex toy vibrators go, this one is in a league of its own. A sophisticated blend of discreet vibrations and amusing aesthetics, this toy looks like a rubber duck but performs like your favourite bedside companion. This toy is a popular travel choice for both men and women.

Waterproof and cute-as-a-button, the duck is used for external stimulation and creates intense pulsating vibrations for the user. Best of all, it easily passes as a child’s toy!

This secret sex toy scores a 9 for discretion!

#4: The Bijoux Twenty One Clitoral Stimulator


Disguised and discreet is the classic Bijoux clitoral stimulator, a diamond-shaped vibrator for the modern woman. With a silent motor to muffle the vibrations, no-one will suspect that these luxury sex toy vibrators do what they do. They look so much like perfume or make-up items!

Feature-packed with 7 vibration patterns and 3 speeds, this USB rechargeable toy is a traveller’s delight. In this instance, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

This secret sex toy scores a 8.8 for discretion!

The 3 Most Powerful Small Vibrators

There are rules regarding travelling with sex toys, that you should really know about. The first is that all of your chosen travel sex toy vibrators need to be small, that is – under 7 inches long. Any longer, and baggage screeners may flag them as weapons and boom, a cringe-worthy luggage search!

At the same time you need to remove the batteries and engage the lock feature on your toy, so that suspicious buzzing noises do not prompt investigations from the security check at the airport. And, if you are questioned about your toy, take a deep breath and admit to what it is. Never lie!

Sex toys are discovered in bags at SA airports all the time, so be prepared.

Find out which toys are trending here.

That said, it’s easier to tell a stranger that the classically styled, miniature finger toys are sex toy vibrators, than admit to owning the 12 inch club-like toy they are now waving around in public.

Small is travel-friendly! Here are our favourite picks!

#5: The Octopus Mini Vibrator from Screaming O


It vibrates, it’s funky and it’s an octopus. These quirky sex toy vibrators can be used for both men and women, and have an 80 minute battery life. And as waterproof toys, you won’t struggle to convince anyone that they are meant to be used in the bathroom!

The 8 small tentacles make the massaging sensations extra-stimulating, which is why this award winning toy is on our list. A great miniature companion for travel anywhere in the world.

This secret sex toy scores an 8 for discretion!

#6: The Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator


This luxury vibrator sex toy can be mistaken for your run-of-the-mill desk fan, or so they say. With its uncharacteristic design and unique licking action, there is every chance you could sneak this one by the officials. At the very least, it does not look overtly sexual.

The Sqweel is a small hand-held toy that uses a motor to provide you with artificial oral stimulation from 10 soft, revolving silicone tongues. Included is a travel case, for fun on the move.

This secret sex toy scores a 7.5 for discretion!

#7: The Picobong IPO Finger Vibe


These excellent sex toy vibrators are small enough to fit on your finger for discreet vibrating pleasure when you are away from home. With 12 vibration patterns hidden inside this modern gem, it becomes the ultimate companion for interesting foreplay or fun solo orgasms during travel.

According to Rita from the Picoblog, you should store your sex toy in a clear plastic bag in case it is discovered during search. For one, it makes identifying it easier for the officials, and more hygienic to handle.

This secret sex toy scores a 7.0 for discretion!

The 3 Caution-To-The-Winds Travel Vibrators

Sometimes you want to travel with a sex toy that does a little more than outside stimulation. In this case, it is hard to get around the obvious shapes that create those pleasurable feelings. When you can’t go without internal stimulation, these are the best sex toy vibrators to buy.

#8: The Hula Beads Vibrating Love Egg from Lelo


This bullet vibrates and rotates for all-around stimulation during travel. Great for the g-spot or for general foreplay, this is a small multifunctional toy that has many uses.

This secret sex toy scores a 6.0 for discretion!

#9: The Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator


These small sex toy vibrators may not be as discreet as you would like, but at least they are dark and come in a suitable satin draw string bag, so that there are no surprises if discovered.

A fantastic travel vibrator with 10 vibrating functions and a quiet motor that is 100% waterproof.

This secret sex toy scores a 4.0 for discretion!

#10: The Isla Vibrator from Lelo


Throw caution to the winds and pack your luxury Isla, which is honestly so sleek and sophisticated even though it is a phallic vibrator, it will be far less embarrassing if revealed in public.

With a gentle curve, body safe silicone and 6 vibration patterns, this is the multifunctional wand vibrator you need on your travels. These sex toy vibrators never go out of fashion!

This secret sex toy scores a 3.0 for discretion!

“Where can I buy simple vibrators on sale?” The answer to all of your travel needs is right here at Désir. We stock a premium range of the most discreet, quiet and humiliation-free couples vibrators on the market so that you never have to go without your travel companion.

With these secret toys you will never be embarrassed again!

Check out more excellent information on toys with our posts on sex toy clearance benefits, or find out exactly why all sex toys, vibrators and stimulators – should be bought online.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it educational. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! How do you go about hiding your sex toys when you travel? Do you even dare to travel with them? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or your can leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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