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10 Beginner Sex Toys For Men That Want More

Sex toys for men can be dangerously close to the real deal or designed with perfect performance in mind. In this post we examine 10 starter toys for guys that want enhanced sexual pleasure.

Sometimes a man just wants more from their sex life and bedroom play. These days it’s perfectly acceptable to build a quality collection of sex toys that will help you achieve the levels of satisfaction that you want. After all, doing things the same way over and over again can bore you to tears.

Many men feel like they do not get enough sex at home. The good news is that male sex toys were designed to solve this problem, reinvigorate your sex drive and rekindle the spark that originally brought you and your lover together in the first place. Hope exists for better sex, more often!

Man lies under covers thinking of best sex toys
Man lies under covers thinking of best sex toys.

As with any new pursuit this is going to be a learning process. Open your mind, and prepare to try things that you never thought would turn you on before. Exploration is the key to sexual happiness.

So, here is a list of 10 beginner’s sex toys for men that will help you achieve a satisfying sex life.

A Brief Look at The Male Orgasm And How It Works

According to Dennis Thompson, a sexual health writer for Everydayhealth.com, the male orgasm is a synthesis of multiple systems working together to achieve the required outcome of ejaculation.

In order for you to orgasm you need to be aroused by something that sexually interests you. The main reason why men struggle to orgasm is the arousal factor. Sex toys for men can bridge the ever-growing divide between visual arousal and physical arousal.

Since the internet and the rise of porn, there has been an enormous rise in cases of erectile dysfunction and low libido. Men today are experiencing a 600-3000% increase in this dysfunction because of over stimulating images online that impact their real world encounters.

Visual stimuli at the click of a button have made achieving the same effect in your relationship increasingly difficult. Perhaps you are finding it hard to get aroused and stay that way, because of the same old boring sex routines. The good news is that sex toys for men are the answer.

Here is how arousal works:

  • You will see something that turns you on, and get a dopamine spike in your brain triggering feelings of pleasure and arousal.
  • When you flood your mind with pornographic images, dopamine is not released as quickly. That’s why when your lover gets naked it feels more ‘meh’ than ‘wow!’

Unfortunately because testosterone drives you to seek out these endorphins, porn becomes a quick solution, resulting in sexual disinterest and dysfunction in the bedroom. It’s time to dial back your porn exposure and focus on your woman – while infusing your life with sex toys for men!

Best sex toys for masturbation in bed
Best sex toys for masturbation in bed.

3 Beginners Toys For The Ultimate Solo Experience

Below is our top 3 list of satisfying sex toys that you can buy to get you going. If you are looking for stronger, longer orgasms during solo play then you are going to love this list of our favourite picks.

#1: The Wet Mouth Vibrating Masturbator From Vulcan

Sex toys for men that want to enhance masturbation don’t get much better than the Wet Mouth toy. It feels realistic, and has 9 different vibration patterns to help you get aroused quickly.

Vibrators for men are relatively new on the market, but they work like a dream in fleshlight-style masturbators. Try one!

Get yours here.

#2: The Pulse 2 Duo Male Masturbator From Hot Octopuss

The world’s first guybrator exists for one thing only – maximum pleasure. Superb for increased sensations during solo play and you can wear it for her excitement during foreplay. What’s not to love?

Get yours here.

#3: Quickshot Vantage Male Masturbator (Fleshlight)

One of the finest sex toys for men anywhere, this is an innocent looking, non-anatomical fleshlight that feels as amazing as it looks. Lots of different textures and can be used during oral sex!

Get yours here.

Couple in bed discusses best sex toys for intimacy
Couple in bed discusses best sex toys for intimacy.

3 Beginners Sex Toys That Will Improve Relationship Intimacy

Sex toys for men have the ability to improve the levels of intimacy in your relationship. If lately you have found that things have gone stale, and your partner is losing interest in sex, it’s time to take action. Focus on increasing intimate moments, and get your sex life back on track.

#4: 4Us Cock Ring From Rocks Off

Cock rings are sex toys for men designed to give pleasure to both lovers. Enjoy the rippling vibrations during sex for harder erections and stronger orgasms guaranteed.

Get yours here.

#5: Flexi Felix Anal Chain By Fun Factory

For truly intimate experiences the Flexi Felix is a great introductory anal play toy for men or women. Slowly remove them during orgasm to experience intense waves of pleasure.

Get yours here.

#6: We Vibe 4 Plus Couples Vibrator

The We Vibe 4 Plus is specifically made to be worn by your lady during sex. The vibrating parts stimulate her externally, and both of you internally – which means longer, more fulfilling sex and powerful, earth shattering orgasms.

Get yours here.

4 Beginners Sex Toys For Playful Fetish Experiments

Once you have covered your bases with solo play and intimacy, its’ time to start experimenting with different kinds of fetish games. Half of the fun is testing out various sex toys for men and women together, while you figure out what turns both of you on.

#7: Soft Limits Satin Restraint Wrist Ties From Fifty Shades of Grey

Entry-level bondage can be extremely sexy, so investing in a pair of Satin Restraints is money well spent. Take turns restraining each other to find out what turns you on more, being dominant or being dominated.

Get yours here.

#8: Pretty in Pink Strap-On Harness From Lux Fetish

Pegging sex toys for men are actually worn by the woman in their lives. If you love anal stimulation and want to break into something kinky and intimate, then get her a harness. Many different types of non-realistic dongs can be attached to it for incredible couples play.

Get yours here.

#9: Big Boy Prostate Vibrator From Rocks Off

Anal sex toys are a popular fetish niche, and you’ll want to step into the game with the Big Boy. Curved to reach your p-spot for unimaginably intense orgasms, this toy has even been known to produce multiple orgasms in men.

Get yours here.

#10: Ryder Butt Plug From Tantus

If you are looking for a wearable entry-level anal toy, the Ryder Butt Plug is an excellent choice. Sex toys for men like these are great for p-spot stimulation and long term wear during anal play.

Get yours here.

Best sex toys to satisfy your woman couple in bed
Best sex toys to satisfy your woman couple in bed.

Starting On Your Exciting Sexual Adventure

We are confident that these 10 satisfying sex toys for men will help take your sex life to new heights. Whether it’s improving the power of your orgasm or spicing up a boring bedroom, these toys are primed to help. Nothing is worse than feeling like something is missing from your sex life.

According to Lisa Mooney, a sexual health writer for Livestrong.com, sex toys can also help a man last longer in the bedroom. If your problem is not lack of arousal, but too much arousal – toys can be equally as effective in helping you control and solve the problem.

All men face challenges with arousal on occasion, but the concerns are easily fixed when you face them head on with your partner.

And, if you are looking to transition into vibrant bedroom games with her, to truly discover the sexual power and prestige that lies within you, these sex toys for men have your name on them.

‘Are you looking for a sex toy men will love?’ If you are, these 10 will take care of all of your basic beginners needs – from solo play and masturbation, to enriching more intimate couple’s experiences and crossing over into exciting fetish niches, the right toy brings about the best result.

For more great information on male sex toys, check out our posts on the 5 astonishing reasons cock rings are a favourite for men (sex toys you actually want) here, or read our post on how to choose the best anal male sex toy (butt plugs) here.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it helpful. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! Of all the sex toys that you want to try, which do you believe your significant other will have a problem using? How will you overcome that? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or your can leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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