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The Epic Guide To Male Masturbators: Everything You Need

Male masturbators have only been around for 20 years or so, but they hit the market in a big way. This is one sex toy that every man should explore – because it was made especially for you.

Women’s sex toys have been around forever, since hysteria was all the rage back in the days of the cart horse. Yet as prevalent and widely accepted as masturbation has always been for a man, there have been almost no sex toys to help enhance your solo experience.

That all changed in the nineties when an enterprising inventor decided to level the playing field. Now, male sex toys are on the rise, fleshlights are growing in popularity and you need to understand what these additions to your collection can do for your sex life.

Male masturbation can also be for solo play
Male masturbation can also be for solo play

Today, we take a hard look at fleshlights, and other masturbators to unpack their mysteries. The male g spot vibrator better watch out, these masturbation toys are here to stay.

The History of Sex Toy Masturbation: Male Edition

Men masturbate; it’s a cast-in-iron fact that does not change throughout your life. Yet, as recently as 20 years ago sex toys for men were virtually non-existent.

This is an incredible thing to consider, once you realize that most sex toy inventors are men, and the industry has been driven by sales to men for nearly its entire existence.

Male masturbators then, arrived on the scene extremely late – thanks to an enterprising man named Steve Shubin, who managed to nail down a patent for his invention in 1998 after his wife struggled with a high risk pregnancy. The invention was called ‘the Fleshlight’ a sex toy that looks like an artificial vagina housed in a torch-shaped casing.

The sole reason for the fleshlight is to enhance the masturbatory experience for its users, who can now purchase sleeves that look like lips, anal openings and even alien vaginas!

Steve decided to name this revolutionary sex toy after the flesh-like material used to create the realistic feel, and the rest is history. Fleshlights became a top selling sex toy shortly after that!

Since the Fleshlight started selling out, more companies have entered the male masturbators market and now you have an enormous amount of options to choose from.

A Shoppers Guide To Buying a Masturbator

There are so many different male masturbators on the market right now, that choosing one can be a pain to say the least. Fleshlight alone has 60 different internal structures that simulate sex with a woman, and how they feel are as varied as your personal preferences for sex.

Male masturbation products such as the fleshlight improves masturbation
Male masturbation products such as the fleshlight are designed to improve masturbation

Here is a rundown of what you need to know:

#1: The Fleshlight

As the very first in a long line of male masturbators, the Fleshlight will always have a prominent place in the market – and it has the most product diversity.

  • Fleshlights come in small cases for added tightness, units called ‘STUs’ or stamina training units that can help you last longer in bed, vibrating units that will add extra pleasure onto an already realistic experience, a ‘freak’ range so that you can have sex with Frankenstein, Zombies or Dracula, transparent ice units so that you can see your penis in motion, custom build-your-own units and units modelled off famous porn stars.

With 82% of South African men admitting to regular masturbation, it seems like the market is fully prepared to embrace sex toys of this nature.

  • There are between 48-60 Fleshlight textures that you can choose from, and each will impact how it feels when you use the toy. Male masturbators like these have prompted men to start collections of fleshlights, depending on the feel they are looking for.

When shopping for a Fleshlight, take note of external design, internal texturing and how the unit must be maintained so that you can clean it correctly and efficiently.

  • Most Fleshlight units come with a removable cap that controls the suction of the sex toy, which you can adjust according to your tastes.
  • Some Fleshlights work better for smaller penises and some better for larger ones. When choosing male masturbators, check which internal patterns will match your size.
Male masturbation doesnt have to be a secret
Male masturbation doesnt have to be a secret

For beginners we recommend the Pink Lady Vortex unit which is an upgrade of the Fleshlight original, the Flight Pilot for a less realistic unit, or the Ice Lady Crystal unit, which is transparent so you can still see what is going on inside the Fleshlight.

#2: The Cobra 2: A League of Its Own

What do you get if you combine the technology of vibrators with the concept of the Fleshlight? A sex toy that will, quite literally, blow your mind! The Cobra 2 is different from other male masturbators in that it uses targeted vibrations on the tip of your penis and requires no movement whatsoever.

This is next generation masturbation technology that does all of the work for you. It’s a top of the range toy that will make each and every solo experience, one to remember.

#3: Tenga and Vulcan Masturbators

Both Tenga and Vulcan manufacture quality, safe male masturbators that you will enjoy. While these are generally considered to be the less expensive, generic versions of the Fleshlight, they come with their own benefits and features.

  • Tenga as a brand are not big into realism, which is great if you would like a sex toy to use, but don’t like the idea of staring at a silicone vagina. Many men prefer these units because of their subtlety and discretion, which can be a huge benefit in today’s world.

We would recommend the entry level Onacup Air Cushion Masturbator for beginners.

  • Vulcan is an affordable option if you are looking for a vibrating unit coupled with realism. Their male masturbators are strong enough for regular use, and a lot of people prefer them because they are easy to replace, clean and use.

We would recommend the entry level Tight Anus Vibrating Masturbator for beginners.

#4: The Pulse 2 Duo

Hot Octopuss has thought outside the box with this one and created the world’s first guybrator.

They call it this because most male masturbators use a sleeve and a case, which is not very vibrator like at all. The Pulse 2 Duo on the other hand, wraps around the penis for manual stimulation coupled with vibrating action.

The best part about this solo toy is that is can be used as a sex toy for couple’s play as well. You will wear it while she is on top of you – the unit does all the work and stimulates you both. This award winning guybrator has hit the market in a big way, and is a preferred choice.

Embracing Male Sexuality & Solo Play

According to male sexuality blogger Harris O’Malley of the Dailydot.com, society still perpetrates the idea that for a man, owning a sex toy is shameful. In modern media, men who own any kind of sex toys are cast as deviants, creepy loners and freaks who can’t find real women.

The world of male sexuality is full of contradictions – for instance, it is widely accepted that men masturbate to kinky porn. It doesn’t matter how kinky it is, this is viewed as normal, yet using male masturbators is still considered too far outside the realm of normal to be canon.

It’s taken many years for the vibrator to be accepted by mainstream society as an important part of female sexuality, so why do we struggle so much with the male version of this sex toy? Yes, these toys feel a little creepier than others, but as technology advances soon they won’t be.

Just like the vibrator and dildo became works of art, and not necessarily detached body parts that were poor imitations of the real thing, perhaps male masturbators will also go that way, helping them become just another tool in our sexual arsenals. Normal and wonderful!

If the male g spot vibrator can become a household sex toy, so can a fleshlight. Regular masturbation for men is healthy and improves sexual function in the bedroom.

So if you have been wondering ‘Where can I buy a male masturbator?’ Check out the links we have suggested in this post to get you started. There is something for everyone here – from uncanny realism, to transparent units and elegant sex toy art, you will find the toy that will make your solo sessions nothing but pure pleasure.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it epic! In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you. Do you think male masturbators could be just as popular as vibrators in the world today? What is holding them back?

Be bold, and leave your comment below.

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