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What’s next in sex?

There’s an episode in Sex and the City (and trust me, I hate myself a little bit for still referencing the show), where one of Carrie’s new beaus asks her to pee on him.

The desired response to that episode is to scrunch your nose up, say ‘ew’, and laugh at the silly man who’s into golden showers. Which, to be honest, I duly did at the time.

But it’s been a few years and life has taught me never to say never. I’m not laying out the plastic sheeting just yet, mind you, I’m just saying it’s no longer such a wild idea.

This change of heart probably has to do with comparative levels of ‘kink’ I’m aware of now. When you’ve been exposed to monster Hentai and scat fetishes, is a little pee so weird?

But that’s the thing with ‘kink’ isn’t it?

Whatever you’re into is only considered ‘kinky’ if your erotic wiring is out of line with your social group’s moral parameters – ‘kinky’ only holds this label because of what sexually repressed society adjudicates as ‘normal’.

Consider this: For hetero Western mores, a woman’s bared neck or ankle was once considered over-the-top wild; oral sex only became vaguely acceptable in the 1950s; and anal sex before the 90s? Whoa. As for BDSM? Well, it was only eight years ago that the mainstream got comfortable with the idea that this wasn’t for ‘freaks’.

Of course, people have been getting off on all of this ever since the first human said ‘hey sexy’, it’s just that we’ve let our collective issues get all judgy over the last coupla thousand years.

Which brings me back to peeing. Now that the mainstream has ticked off anal play and BDSM-lite, what’s next for the headlines to shout about?

It has to be peeing; it’s certainly the most accessible new addition to the ever-broadening Fucket List. Because it’s that or sex robots and frankly that way too weird. Right? 😉

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