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The Désir Guide to Different Types of Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is trending right now, which means that you need to up your knowledge on different styles and cuts. In this guide, you’ll also discover what each style says about your personality!


Everyone loves lingerie. Some of our most popular items come from our extensive range, which we have specially selected for you. But lingerie can be a complicated decision, especially when a man – who knows basically nothing about lingerie style – has to choose an item for their significant other.

Do you get the body suit or the baby doll? The corset or the bra and thong set? With so many choices, it’s easy to just buy what you know, or to get something safe and simple. That’s why we decided to create this handy guide, to help you try new things and explore the world of lingerie.

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In today’s post, we’re going to outline each type of sexy lingerie, explore their backstory a little and find out what your favourite styles say about your bedroom personality!

The  Main Types of Lingerie

Let’s dive right in with the 10 main styles of stunning women’s lingerie that we have on offer here at Désir. Don’t forget that these come in a variety of materials and colours.

#1: BabyDoll

The classic babydoll is a type of loose-fitting negligee, usually adorned with ribbon, lace or bows – and often made from chiffon, nylon or silk. These negligees were nicknamed babydolls after the 1956 movie of the same name, when these sexy lingerie items were popularised.

Wear it if: You’re feeling ultra-feminine, but still want to be comfortable in the bedroom. Great for women who are usually shy, but love flowing lingerie that doesn’t cling too tightly.

Look At Me Clotilde Babydoll and Thong Set – Demoniq Lingerie

Look At Me Clotilde Babydoll and Thong Set - Demoniq Lingerie

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#3: Corset

Corsets are some of the best sexy lingerie items you can buy. Originally created for waist training and torso shaping, these hourglass items fit snugly and are lined with bone or other hard materials. Back in 1828, they were described as quilted waistcoats and not much has changed since then.

Wear it if: You want to achieve a sexier hourglass shape, or slim your figure down a bit. Women who are somewhat modest, but still daring in the bedroom will love corsets.

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Brida Corset – Passion Lingerie

Brida Corset - Passion Lingerie

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#4: Garter Belt

A garter belt is a fancy piece of elasticised lingerie that runs around the waist and contains strips (suspenders) that clip or hook onto thigh-high stockings. Perhaps the most famous of all the sexy lingerie styles, these are often worn with corsets, babydolls and body stockings.

Wear it if: You want to feel like a sex goddess, or if you need it to finish the perfect lingerie combo. Sultry, seductive women will enjoy a garter belt selection for every bedroom occasion.

Brida Bra, Thong & Garter Set – Passion Lingerie

Brida Bra, Thong & Garter Set - Passion Lingerie

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#5: Teddy

Teddies, once called camiknickers, were the result of combining a camisole with underwear in a single one-piece. These items cover your body like a one-piece swimsuit would, but they are not as snug and are made from lingerie materials that are sheer and soft.

Wear it if: You’re a confident, go-getter that prefers fuller coverage while still enjoying the benefit of form-fitting visuals for your partner. Women that want to feel in charge will love these items.

Look At Me Carine Teddy – Demoniq Lingerie

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#7: Brassiere

Commonly called ‘a bra’ – a women’s brassiere says a lot about her style. This form-fitting item is meant to support and lift a woman’s breasts, and there are dozens of types on the market. These can be matched in sets or used to accent other types of lingerie. Early versions of bras looked more like bustiers, and they were incredibly stiff.

Wear it if: All women will have a sizable collection of sexy brassieres, so focus on materials, style and fit. You can never have too many good looking bras in your collection!

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Brianna Bra & Thong Set – Anais

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#8: Chemise

The word chemise originally meant ‘shirt’ which is essentially what it is. This timeless smock or sexy lingerie dress is made from sheer, delicate materials. Men once wore them too, back in the 1800’s, but these days most lingerie dresses are referred to as chemise, and men don’t really wear them anymore.

Wear it if: You want to hide your flaws, but look incredibly hot while doing it! Women who love a chemise are spirited, unforgettable and always ready to try something new.

Brida Chemise – Passion Lingerie

Brida Chemise - Passion Lingerie

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#10: Bodysuit

Closely related to the teddy, the bodysuit is a one-piece item that fits like a swimsuit or leotard, but comes in a variety of different materials. Because it’s form-fitting, these are used to accentuate the body – and most recently, they are being worn as every day clothing items.

Wear it if: You want to sneakily wear lingerie as clothing, and love the sassy cat woman look. Women who prefer one-piece lingerie items to more revealing options will find these worthwhile.

Brida Bodysuit – Passion Lingerie

Brida Bodysuit - Passion Lingerie

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Choosing Body-Specific Sexy Lingerie

Style gurus say that you should consider your body type when buying your next piece of attractive lingerie. Certain styles can enhance your best areas, and flatten others! It’s important that you feel confident in what you wear, especially in the bedroom.

Guys, if you’re reading this – matching your significant others body type with the right piece of sexy lingerie is a step in the right direction, but don’t let it limit you. You can check out this great post over at NK Imode on matching body types to styles, if you want to be more specific.

Now when you think to yourself – ‘what are the different types of sexy lingerie?’ you’ll have this awesome guide to thank for your superior knowledge of bedroom lingerie styles! Please share this post with your friends or bookmark it for future reference.

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