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Every Woman Should Own a Rabbit Vibrator, and Here’s Why

The rabbit vibrator. It’s iconic! In a world of sex toys it rises to the top as king of them all. Don’t have one? Today’s post makes an argument for why you should immediately invest in the rabbit.

If you don’t know anything about the sex toy affectionately called the rabbit, where have you been? Women all over the world swear by it, and many have had their sex lives changed forever since its arrival. Rabbit vibrators were a direct response to women’s growing need for sex toys in the 90s.

Today, we take an intimate look at these vibrating toys and why they have become some of the top selling sex toys of all time – with no sign of slowing down any time soon!

A woman surprised by her rabbit vibrator
A woman surprised by her rabbit

#1: You’ll Never Have to Skip an Orgasm Again

Rampant myths aside, most women struggle to orgasm – whether alone or with their partner in the bedroom. Traditionally this means faking it more than you’d like, and ending up completely unsatisfied after the majority of your sexual encounters.

Evidence has proven that for most ladies, it’s incredibly hard to orgasm via penetrative sex alone. There are physiological and psychological reasons for this, and lack of satisfaction in the bedroom nearly always results in reduced motivation to have sex.

The rabbit vibrator solves this problem completely! It has vibrating and rotating actions for penetration, and stimulating ‘bunny ears’ that provide simultaneous internal and external pleasure. Doctors and sexologists even prescribe this sex toy for women struggling to orgasm.

The classic rabbit vibrator
The classic rabbit vibrator

Basically, it can save you from a lifetime of orgasm-less sexual experiences. Oprah herself named this vibrator the Rolls Royce of sex toys – what’s not to love?

#2: The Rabbit Vibrator is a Feminist Statement

The feminist movement has been gaining ground over the last two decades, thanks to an increasing amount of women standing for equality and the rights that they deserve. The rabbit vibrator has been a part of this proud history, and as a result is something of a feminist symbol.

Before the rabbit, there were not many female-orientated sex toys in existence. So when Vibratex created their animal line of duel-action vibrators (the rabbit being one of them) it was ground-breaking and destined to become a household name.

Then, when the rabbit appeared in the popular TV show Sex and the City, everyone had to have one. It sparked an entire industry of female-centric sex toys, designed not just to look and function like a man, but to enhance the pleasure of the women using the toy. This acknowledged women’s needs and desires for the first time, leading to massive innovations in the sex toy industry.

Owning a rabbit vibrator means taking back control of your sexual wants and desires, which is incredibly empowering for women in South Africa.

In our opinion, every woman should own a rabbit vibrator. They drastically improve your chances of achieving orgasm, make it easy for your lover to excite you during foreplay – and they have a rich, storied history that supports women’s rights to pleasure and freedom in the bedroom.

Our advice would be to skip the other toys and go for the rabbit. You won’t regret it!

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