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Guide to gifting your partner with a sex toy this Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift for each of your loved ones can leave you feeling discouraged. However, you could use the festive season as a reason to spice things up with your partner and gift them with a unique and sophisticated sex toy that will benefit you both long-term.

Naughty gift giving is lots of fun but there are some things to consider before you grab that candy cane glass dildo off the shelf in high festive spirits.


Desir are stockists of high-quality, exclusive sex toys and every purchase you make through them arrives at your doorstep like a sweet surprise from Santa no matter the time of year. They even include a handwritten note for an extra special touch. Owner of Desir, Brodie Meyer, shares her tips for gifting your partner with a sex toy this Christmas.

Pay attention and play detective.
Before you do anything else, engage your partner in a conversation about your sexual relationship and pay close attention to what they indicate they may like to try. Ask some leading questions that will give them the opportunity to guide you to what they might like to explore. If you don’t then you risk purchasing a gift that will go unused or worse, offend them.

Leave your personal fantasies on the back-burner.
Giving a gift is a selfless act and while a sex toy is likely to be enjoyed by the both of you, make sure you purchase a gift that is in line with their personal ideas of spicing things up. This is not the time to indulge in your personal fantasies and be sure to always heed your partner’s sexual boundaries.

Speak up or you might trip up.
Even though gifts are mostly bought as a surprise, this one needs an introduction. You can either discuss the idea of gifting them with a sex toy and if they are keen on the suggestion then keep the details a surprise or, you can buy the sex toy but tell them what it is before they open it. In this way you can keep lines of communication open and steer clear of mixed messages that could make your partner feel like you are unsatisfied and unhappy with your intimate relationship.

Make sure it’s a private affair.
You are giving your partner an extremely intimate gift so make sure that the setting is intimate and private. This is something that is just for the two of you and should stay that way.

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