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Recap: Girls Night Out Ladies Event with Desir, Catriona Boffard & Women’s Health Magazine

Desir in collaboration with Women’s Health Magazine hosted an incredible all-ladies event for the ultimate Girls Night Out. Featuring world renowned sexologist and psychotherapist Catriona Boffard, the evening was aimed at delivering a feel-good workshop for women seeking more information on sex education, sex toys, and sexual health and wellness. Simply put – The sex education you never received.

Located at the prestigious members only venue ‘The Stack’, situated in Cape Town, the members only lounge oozes luxury appeal, sophistication, with a modern blend of old world class. A smorgasbord of velvet, leather, and bright opulence, The Stack was the obvious choice when looking to pair a luxury brand, like Desir, with a luxurious venue. The night was designed to provide our prestigious guests with an extraordinary experience that would leave them suitably impressed.With a 90 strong guest list featuring VIP customers, bloggers, media personnel, sexual health and wellness experts, gynaecologists, and several medical practitioners, the Girls Night Out event was bustling with powerful women that were open and willing to creating dialogue and change around sexual wellness, sexual health, and the multitude of misconceptions related to these topics. 

Guests were welcomed with an ice cold glass of Cap Classique, followed by a series of delicately prepared canapes that has become synonymous with the exquisite food available on the menu at The Stack. To honour our guests and to start them on their journey of sexual exploration, each guest received a carefully curated gift bag to the value of almost R2000. With sponsorships from Desir’s partnered brands, guests received gifts from Dote Collection, Timmy Care, My Oske, Svakom, La Melle, Deer Dear, Wellness Warehouse, Peach & Moon, Honest, 1701, Good Leaf, Women’s Health Magazine, and Label M to name but a few.With networking and canapes out the way, it was time for the much anticipated workshop to commence. With a brief introduction from Brodie Meyer, MD of Desir Intimate Collection, context was given around the Desir brand and their need to adjust their brand strategy from that of a pureistic sex toy retailer to that of a Sexual Health and Wellness store.

Brodie explained that trading in a conservative South Afican climate had taught them that there was an undeniable need for South African consumers to enjoy a permissible sexual experience and that this was more often than not closely linked to their attitude towards sexual health and wellness. 

It was in this change of strategy that Desir felt an inherent responsibility to provide their customers with a trusted platform that offered a holistic approach to sexual health and wellness, that encompassed not only physical products, but also complementary products that would promote sexual health and overall wellness. 

To further strengthen their strategy Desir has enlisted the help of sought after professionals within both the sexual health and medical industry in South Africa. By featuring a panel of experts that included renowned sexologists, gynaecologists, medical, and aesthetic practitioners, Desir has created a space where clients are not only offered the most luxurious of intimate adult products – sourced globally around the world – but have provided their clients with the platform where they are able to access expert medical advice in a trusted and private setting. 

It was herein that Brodie introduced Catriona Boffard, renowned sexologist, as part of their team and kicked off the much anticipated Girls Night Out workshop. From what was planned to be a 1 hour discussion around sex, sexual relations, and sexual misconceptions turned into a 2 hour workshop followed by an intimate Q & A thanks to the overwhelming response from the audience. It wasn’t very long before there was a queue of women eager to have their one on one with Catriona. 

It was a highly successful evening that left us with palpable energy and renewed vigor. Women shared their concerns, beliefs, and most personal intimate questions, and thanks to Catriona’s gentle, professional, and inviting demeanour, our attendees left empowered, educated, and motivated to take control of their sexual health and wellness.

With the evening having ended on a high, and more champagne and canapes to bring it to a close, it was with post-reflection on this event that Desir realised that women in particular are hungry for information relating to their sexual health and that empowerment and ownership is only possible via education and positive dialogue. 

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