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Catriona’s Valentine’s Day recommendations

With Valentines Day only a few days away, you’ll no doubt be wondering what to buy your partner or perhaps you’re feeling excited about what you’ll get from them. Of course the traditional flowers and chocolates are lovely, but why not get them something that will last and that might create a lot more fun for you both? Although I don’t think anyone needs the excuse of this one day a year to spoil their partner, why not use it as an opportunity to introduce something fun and sexy into your sexual relationship.


For her:
The Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator takes sex toys for her to a whole new level. Unlike most traditional women’s sex toys, this toy doesn’t vibrate, but actually uses a suction-action to bring a woman pleasure. This brings more blood to the little sexy body part, and it’s said can lead to [multiple] intense orgasms! What’s great is you could use it together, or get her to tell you when she uses it on her own.

Kegel balls are a great little gift for her! Remember that hot scene in Fifty Shades Darker when he hands her a set of two silver balls on a string for her to gentle insert into herself? Well these little gems are not just for sexual play! They improve pelvic floor strength, which means more intense sensation and orgasms during sex, as well as help women with easier natural birth and stronger muscles that lose strength as we age. It’s a little gift that keeps on giving!

For him:
I often “prescribe” the Tenga products to my clients who struggle with orgasm, but the Tenga Egg is a discreet and perfect little toy to gift your partner for Valentines Day! It’s a mini-masturbator that is placed over the head of his penis, and creates really great sensations when pulled up and down. You can use it together during sex, or he could use it alone and tell you all about it later! It’s discreet enough to travel too, so if he’s away for work, why not have a sexy Skype call and get the Egg out to add to the fun for him!

For him and her:
If you haven’t heard about the We Vibe toys yet, you’ve been missing out. This is such an amazing couples sex toy that could be a perfect addition to your sexual experience. It works by being inserted into the women before the man, and once inside, it stimulates both her clitoris and her internal upper wall where these is really sensitive, good-feeling tissue (some call it the G-spot). He’ll feel all the great vibrations down the shaft of his penis too. This isn’t a cheap toy, but boy oh boy will it bring you hours of pleasure together! And an even sexier feature, he can control it when you’re not together!

Any massage oil or massage candle is a really great gift, because it’s one that you can use together, and use as part of building up desire and anticipation for sex. Don’t just use it to give your partner a back rub, but focus on giving them an erotic massage that will have them hot, flustered and wanting more and more! You could even get a product, like the Shunga Aphrodisiac Oil which is edible, and you can kiss or lick this off their body. Just a little warning though – don’t put anything into a woman’s vagina during sex that isn’t either a body part or a sex toy!

For her and her:
Sex between women is often much more sensual, and that doesn’t mean toys can’t be a part of it too! The Share Strapless Double Dildo literally connects you and brings you closer. As women, a feeling of fullness inside the vagina really helps turn you on during sex. This means more natural lubrication! You can both use it to achieve that ‘full’ feeling and to get all the right sensations you need to bring you pleasure. There are also double vibrators out there that would take the sensations you both experience up a notch!

For him and him:
The Squeeze Vibrating Cock and Ball Ring is going to not only bring you a lot more pleasure, but it will help keep your erection as hard as a rock. I often suggest cock rings for men to use during sex if they struggle to maintain a full erection, but it can also be used by men to get some good vibes while remaining rock hard. It could be used alone or with your partner, and is a great place to start if you’re new to using sex toys as a couple.

About Catriona Boffard

Catriona Boffard

Catriona Boffard is a Sexologist, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist, Sexuality Researcher & Educator and Author. She is a globally recognized authority on sex, and has delivered her expert advice on TV, radio, corporate and public platforms. She is an expert in the field of sexual behaviour and well-being, with a particular interest in helping couples reestablish their sexual intimacy and empowering women to embrace their sexuality. She works from a biopsychosocial perspective; assessing and treating clients through an integrative approach which explores the physiological, psychological and social factors behind their concerns.

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