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Désir's bath products are specifically intended to relax, unwind and add an extra level of sensuality to your downtime. Use them for their aphrodisiac properties, or simply allow yourself to absord the aromatherapeutic qualities of these luxury bath accessories.

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  • R349

    The Energizing Aromatherapy foam bath by Intimate Organics is a unique combination of fresh orange and wild ginger providing you the perfect opportunity to unwind, recharge and regroup. With it's aromatherapeutic properties, this bubble bath leaves your skin feeling clean and soft, whilst the gorgeous scent of this bubble bath lingers on your skin long...

  • R429
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    Relax in a scented oasis as a prelude to a night of love. Shunga's Oriental Scented Dead Sea Salt crystals transform your bath into a sensual oasis. Just a small amount of crystals will colour your bathwater a soothing blue, creating velvet bubbles and releasing a beautiful scent. The aphrodisiac effect of these moisturizing bath crystals will linger...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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