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Search through our superior range of anal sex toys, designed to equip you with the reach and stimulation you need for fresh couple’s experiences or individual anal play. Embrace this unassuming erogenous zone with luxury anal toys like plugs, probes, vibrating toys and beads – for fun excursions into the most personal, underrated area of all. Explore a popular obsession with our range of anal toys for men and women.

The Secret Pleasure From Down Below

There was once a time when anal toys were the cheekiest toys of them all, focused on a ‘no-go’ zone that no-one would talk about. Now, thanks to insightful manufacturers, this has changed and the unrecognized delight of the rear has finally taken centre stage.

You will be pleased to know that the best toys for anal sex these days are some of the most innovative in the market, with the softest, most hygienic materials and creative designs that range from beginners to advanced level play.

Here in South Africa, the quality of anal sex toys has exploded over the past decade, resulting in reliably safe, durable toys that are great to use for individual exploration or for deeply intimate couple’s play. Experts would argue that the best sex toys for anal have become a cabinet essential to exponentially enhance the potency of your orgasm.

As sexual intimacy becomes more adventurous for you and your lover, we would recommend that you try one of our popular anal toys to see where it takes you. The best anal toy has the potential to simultaneously arouse curiosity and previously unexplored frontiers of pleasure in any inquiring beginner. Prepare to fall in love with these companions.

Types of Anal Sex Toy Companions

There are many different types of sex toys available at Désir for anal play, ranging from anal probes to anal plugs and beyond. Whether you are looking for a couple’s toy for sensual stimulation, or a solo toy that vibrates in waves, knowing what you would enjoy is key.

#1: Probes & Plugs

An anal toy that has stood the test of time and is now enjoying a boom in popularity, is the ever-humble anal plug or anal probe. These can be used strapless, manually or in a seated position, or they can be fitted to a strap-on for added mobility.

#2: Classic Beads

One of the best toys for anal sex, your classic anal beads are used to tease your lover into a state of pleasurable passion during any worthwhile bedroom game. As the chain is pulled, it intensifies the intimacy and arousal between the two of you.

#3: Balls and Vibrators

Relatively new favourites are the anal sex toys that integrate external and internal stimulation with the various vibrating intensities that come with remote control. These anal balls arouse going in and coming out, for a welcome addition to your collection.

Browse our exclusive range of the best anal sex toys available online in South Africa, and honour yourself by committing to experiences you will never forget.

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