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  • R429

    Pjur Analyse Me spray relaxes the anal area in preparation for anal sex and is the perfect substitute for anal lubricants. Gently moisturising and desensitizing your skin at the same time, the Pjur Analyse me spray prevents oversensitivity and makes anal play more comfortable and enjoyable. With premium ingredients like panthenol and aloe vera, your skin...

  • R649

    The Pjur Anal Comfort serum is specifically designed to allow for comfortable anal intercourse and play. With no lidocaine or benzocaine, this special serum forms an invisible protective film on the skin thereby reducing sensitivity without a total numbing effect. Safe with condoms and suitable for daily application, this concentrated gel is the perfect...

  • R499
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    Anal intercourse, particularly of the more vigorous variety, requires a more careful approach under certain circumstances. To cater to these more exacting requirements, the ingredients have been dosed at a higher concentration for the silicone-based formula of Pjur BACK DOOR relaxing anal glide. This special composition differs from pjur analyse me!...

  • R399

    Enjoy comfortable and sensual anal sex with this organic anal glide with guava bark extract by Intimate Earth. This glycerin-based anal lubricant is paraben free, and benefits from the natural cleansing power of guava bark to protect as it soothes. Soothe Anal Glide is water-based, and safe to use with silicone anal toys and latex condoms. Use liberally...

  • R599

    Ease silicone anal glide by Intimate Earth is a silcone glide blended with all-natural and relaxing Bisabol extract from the chamomile plant. With it's skin healing and muscle relaxing properties, this anti-irritant, anti-inflamatory glide provides you the ultimate comfort and lubrication required for anal sex. Paraben free and vegan friendly, this...

  • R499

    Anal play is a sexy adventure, but nerves can make it less fun than it should be. Use this natural relaxing spray to calm those nerve-endings so that you can relax and enjoy. Organic clove, goji berry, aloe and lemongrass soothe the anal sphincter without numbing, making penetration easier, safer and lots more fun. The easy to use spray makes it simple to...

  • R99

    Malesation Glide is a smooth water-based lubricant great used on its own or with any toy. It is latex friendly, odorless and tasteless. Malesation Water Based Glide's formula is highly concentrated and is long-lasting yet gentle on skin and toys. Suitable for males and females. 50ml

  • R229

    Malesation's Anal lubricant has a 2 in 1 water-based composition that allows this product to feel like a silky textured silicone lubricant whilst providing you with ease and comfort during Anal play. With it's combination of relaxing components and Metha Piperetha oil, it supports the body's natural moisture levels whilst allowing a cooling and relaxing...

  • R329
    1 Review

    Wicked's Jelle water-based anal gel is crafted to make sure that all your anal play needs are met. With its extra long lasting formula, this water-based gel will provide maximum cushion and glide. Enhanced with Aloe and Olive leaf, a powerful anti-oxidant, great moisturizer and strong anti-bacterial, this anal lube is long lasting, easy to clean, and...

  • R449

    Jo's H2O Anal Warming Lubricant is the only water based lubricant that feels like silicone, warm to the touch, and contains no harmful numbing agents or desensitizers. Latex safe and compatible with all sex toys, it is fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic, containing no animal based glycerine or animal by-products. 120ml

  • R599

    JO Premium Anal Cooling Lubricant gives you all the long-lasting, frictionless action of JO’s classic Premium lubes, with the addition of a stimulating fresh cooling sensation. For anal play that is smooth and enjoyable for all, a slick and smooth anal lubricant like JO Premium is ideal. This Premium Anal Cooling Lubricant gives a lightly...

  • R399

    JO Anal Personal Water based Lubricant, the only water based lubricant that feels like silicone, delivers a silky smooth long lasting pure glide, and contains no harmful numbing agents or desensitizers. Latex safe and compatible with all sex toys, it is fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic, containing no animal based glycerine or...

  • R599

    JO Anal Warming Lubricant has the highest viscosity of all silicone lubricant ranges and is specifically for anal use. It creates a gentle warming sensation that relaxes in preparation for anal play. This thick and slippery silicone lube is perfect for longer and more active anal play and is intended to lubricate, moisturize, and enhance the...

  • R395

    JoyDivision's Easy Anal lubricant is one of the best anal lubricants and is recommended specifically for first times. Water-Based, this lubricant is condom friendly and designed for anal intercourse - a few drops of Easy Anal ensure the anus is perfectly lubricated and assists in avoiding any discomfort. Easy Anal is smooth and non-oily, whilst being...

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

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