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What is a dildo? A dildo is a penis-shaped sex toy that is designed to mimic the ideal penis size, shape, and length and is available in a multitude of materials from glass and silicone, to latex and rubber. With a variation of colours, shapes, textures and sizes, dildos can be used by men or women alike, making them the perfect go-to sex toy for versatility. Generally used for masturbation and penetration, dildos have evolved considerably in that they also provide pleasure for same-sex couples as well as heterosexual couples for what is also commonly known as pegging. Read more to find-out about our different types of dildo's...

Pegging & Strap-On Dildos

According to Mens Health pegging is the practice in which a woman anally penetrates a man with a strap-on. Many men reportedly experience intense pleasure from pegging as it directly stimulates the prostate gland deep within the inside of the rectum. An erogenous zone that is often overlooked, prostate massage and prostate stimulation & play can help you stay harder for longer and increases your orgasms by almost 30%, making pegging an exciting way to increase his orgasmic strength with a completely new sensation and experience.

Thanks to the versatility of strap-on dildos, these can be worn either with a harness or are available in a design referred to as a strapless strap-on.Harnessed dildos feature a harness made either of synthetic or leather material worn around the wearer’s hips and feature an o-ring insert in the centre where the dildo or magic wand is fastened. This allows the wearer to penetrate the receiver without the dildo falling out of place and encourages hands free penetrative play.

For same sex couples who enjoy double penetration, strapless strap-on’s have increased in their popularity in that these dildos are harness free and encourage pleasure for both wearer and receiver. With a boomerang type design, the wearer inserts the shorter arm internally, whilst the larger arm is used for penetrating the receiver. By simultaneous insertion, both users receive immense amounts of pleasure.

Strap-on dildos are slowing moving away from the taboo’s associated with anal sex and are becoming more and more acceptable as an adventurous couples sex toy.

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Hollow Dildos

Designed for men, hollow dildos or prosthetic dildos are worn by men and allow him to increase his girth and length in a non-surgical, non-invasive manner. Often coupled with a harness, a hollow strap on can be curved for more precise g-spot or p-spot stimulation and offer a variety of textures, nubs, and ripples for added stimulation. With some hollow dildos featuring an internal vibrator, both wearer and receiver can enjoy the added benefit of intense vibrations that can be felt up and down his shaft as well as reaching the receiver for added pleasure.

Hollow dildo’s are particularly effective for those with disabilities, for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, or simply for those wanting to explore with extra girth and length. They allow a different dynamic in the bedroom and with their waterproof, or vibrating designs, hollow dildos are just as, if not more exciting than a traditional strap on dildo.

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Suction Cup Dildos

A favourite for hands-free play is the suction cup dildo. Versatile and fun, these dildos are designed to be fastened to a flat, smooth surface allowing you to experience penetration whilst keeping your hands completely free. A suction cup on a vertical surface (like a wall) allows you to explore g-spot massage or anal and vaginal penetration comfortably, whilst a flat surface allows you to stand up and gives you a bit more control to angle your body to wear you need the stimulation the most. A vac u lock on the suction cup allows your dildo to fit securely on the surface without it moving out of place.

With the added benefit of the suction base acting as a stopper, suction cup dildos are also compatible with most harnesses thanks to the broad base which fits perfectly into any o-ring on your harness.

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How to Shop for and buy your Dildo Online

Whilst dildo’s are by far one of the most classic sex toys available, the options of being wearer or receiver, going big or small, and strapless or strap-on can be incredibly overwhelming when considering adding a dildo into your sex life.

As a beginner looking to use a dildo as a masturbation device, choose a size and girth that leaves you feeling most comfortable. Upgrading to a larger size is far easier than feeling uncomfortable due to a too big a girth or length. From a more traditional design to a more modern take on the dildo, you are able to choose from a realistic penis and glans replica, or a sleek and modern design that is less realistic in its exterior. Vibrating dildos are perfect for both internal and external stimulation and provide more alternatives than penetration only. WIth the option of remote-control and clitoral stimulation, these dildos can be a great way to include your partner and are often the best option for dildos for couples.

If you are looking at introducing pegging into your relationship, communication is key to graduate from vailla sex to strap on sex. Remember to start by introducing anal play through introducing a butt plug or dildo without the strap-on at first to allow your partner to adjust to the sensations and comfort around having his or her anal area stimulated. A high quality lubricant is essential to protect your anal tissues and to discourage tearing or tissue damage. Remember to always use a water-based lubricant with your silicone toys to avoid disintegration of your toy’s silicone material and to avoid swapping from anal penetration to vaginal penetration to avoid cross-contimination and bacterial infection.

Once you have progressed to anal play and are comfortable to move on to anal dildo play, a good quality strap-on harness and dildo will go a long way to ensuring a positive pegging experience. Choose a dildo that is 100% body safe and offers a smoother and sleeker external finish as this will make penetration easier and won’t require a frequent application of lubrication. Don’t allow more penetration than what you can handle and pick a dildo that will offer you the stimulation that you desire, whether it be curved for p-spot or g-spot massage or slightly thicker for a fuller experience. Stick to a simple shape and design and remember to use a generous amount of lubrication.

What To Look For In Quality Dildos Online?

When shopping for a dildo online, you should consider 4 main factors that will influence your purchase. Before making your final decision, take a look at the size of the toy, the materials it is made from and how long it lasts, what the potential functions of the toy might be and if they will benefit your specific uses for the toy in the bedroom. Stay away from jelly dildos or rubber dildos, as these materials often contain toxic chemicals, and if you’re looking for a dildo that’s easy to clean, metal dildos or glass dildos are perfect for anti-allergenic properties.

In the past, it was challenging to buy a dildo online in South Africa, but Désir makes it easy with our discreet, luxury one-click service for our discerning customers.

Browse our exciting range of the best classic or realistic dildos available online in South Africa

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Unisex Vibrating Hollow Double Strap-On Dildo - Lux Fetish
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Unisex Vibrating Hollow Double Strap-On Dildo - Lux Fetish

Lux Fetish
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The Double strap-on dildo set by Lux Fetish is a dual dildo combination designed for the more adventurous user. Featuring a hollow prosthetic type of dildo as well as an anal dildo underneath, this strap-on provides twice the pleasure for her. Featuring a wired remote control that navigates through 7 vibration modes, he is able to enjoy the stimulation...
Oxballs Double Pentrator -
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Double Penetrating Wearable Dildo - OxBalls

The Double Penetrator by Oxballs is a large, wearable silicone dildo designed for the more adventurous user.With it's platinum cured silicone formulae, the Double Penetrator features a firm, yet flexible 17cm shaft that molds to the base of your penis with a girth measuring in at 5cm. With a stretchy silicone penis and...
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