Sex Essentials carefully selected to compliment your intimate journey, encourage sound sexual health and wellness, and ensure a more satisfying and rewarding sex life.

Desir’s sex essentials are products that have been introduced with the purpose of making your sexual experience that much more satisfying. From lubes and condoms, to supplements and medically sound intimate care products, our essential category offers you the best complimentary products and must-haves for your sexual health and wellbeing.

What is good sexual health?

Feeling good about your body and taking care of your physical and emotional health are all part of being sexually healthy. Physically this can relate to regular sexual health exams, getting tested for sexually transmitted infections, preventing unwanted pregnancies and having a healthy hygiene regime when it comes to cleaning your sex toys and taking care or your body.

But additionally, your emotional or mental health also has an enormous role to play in your attitude towards sex and your sexual health status. Feeling good about your body, giving yourself permission to enjoy sexual pleasure, and being comfortable with your sexual orientation and gender are huge parts of one’s sexuality and can have a fundamental impact on how you perceive yourself, others, and your sexuality.

How do I have good sex?

Planned parenthood states that good sex comes from understanding how your body works. Whilst sex is not a one size fits all experience, good sex comes down to being confident with your body, knowing what you like and don’t like, and understanding your sex drive and pleasures.

It is in this regard that Desir’s range of Essentials have been carefully curated to ensure that you have the best sex possible, whilst taking care of your sexual health and wellness at the same time.

Sexual Health Supplements

With so many factors impacting our sex lives, one of the biggest contributors is that of low libido or poor sex drive. Science has come a considerably long way in providing formulations that not only increase your sexual libido, but also assist with symptoms related to menopause, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and stamina.

Brands like Solal have focussed specifically on formulations, vitamins and minerals that contain essential ingredients like vitamin b12, vitamin b6, ginseng, fenugreek, and maca root that are natural testosterone boosting herbs. Not only proven to increase your libido, these ingredients are specifically known to alleviate symptoms related to erectile dysfunction, poor sperm quality, infertility, and are known to positively support and boost male and female sexual function. A completely natural alternative to anabolic and pharmaceutical steroid medicines, brands like Solal, LaMelle, Vitaforce, and Erex provide you with the option of adopting a far more holistic approach to your sexual health.

Stimulants and Enhancers

When it comes to stimulation and increasing your arousal and genital blood flow, several brands like Shunga, Wicked, Intimate Earth, and Pjur focus specifically on products designed to intensify your sexual experience.

From clitoral arousal serums and pleasure gels to aphrodisiacs and prolong sprays, Desir has a range of complimentary serums and elixirs that have been proven to amplify your sexual experience. Use them in conjunction with your favourite intimate product or simply for an increase in your masturbation or solo play

Explore the sensory experience of applying serums that encourage warmth, cooling, tingling, and relaxation and stimulate your nerve endings to encourage stronger orgasms and a heightened sense of arousal.

Personal Care and Product Care

One of the most important aspects to sound sexual health, is that of good personal and product care.

With conditions like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, vaginal infections, and STD’s, it is critical to follow a health regime that supports your sexual lifestyle. From intimate toy cleaners and disinfectant wipes, to vaginal douches and condoms, Desir has ensured that you have all you need to practice safe sex and avoid cross-contamination.

WebMd lists the use of a good intimate wash as the number one priority after sex. Not only limited to the cleansing of your genital areas, cleansing of your sex toys is just as important and with the introduction of foam or gel sex toy cleaners, taking care of your sex toys has never been easier.

With much controversy around the practice of douching and specifically with regards to women who douche, douching before or after anal sex (also referred to as rectal douching) is widely practiced to clean the anal area in preparation for sex.

With a variety of douches that range from shower attachment to bulb hand held douching apparatus, douching is best practiced with warm water and should be repeated until the water runs clean. EndHIV provides a word of caution for douching too frequently stating that it can damage the lining of the rectum, making you more susceptible to to HIV infection should you choose to not use a male condom.

Desir Panel of Medical Experts

To encourage positive sexual health and wellness, Desir has introduced a medical panel of experts that specialise in sexual health and promote sexual health and wellness - for both men and women. From gynaecologists and aesthetic practitioners, to sexologists and psychotherapists, Desir’s sexual health doctors are available for consult via our treatments category. With a variety of procedures, consults, and services available, your mental and physical sexual health is of the utmost importance to us and we are proud to offer you access to some of South Africa’s most renowned doctors who specialise in their respective fields.

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Oral Sex Edible Strips -...Oral Sex Edible Strips -... 2
    Sex Essentials

    Oral Sex Edible Strips - Bijoux

    EDC BIO331
    These oral sex strips by Bijoux Indiscrets are ultra-thin peppermints designed to make oral sex a more intense and pleasurable experience. Slowly melting on your tongue, these peppermints are safe for use on both the vagina and penis and are ideal for clitoral stimulation and incredible foreplay. A cooling, minty, tingling experience heightens the senses...
    Slow Sex Warming Massage...Slow Sex Warming Massage... 2
      Sex Essentials

      Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil - Bijoux

      EDC BI0328
      Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil from Bijoux Indiscrets is a delicious coconut flavour edible warming oil designed to stimulate all your erogenous zones.  Designed to surprise, gently blow on oil-soaked skin to heighten the exciting warming effect. Can be enjoyed on intimate areas and 100% compatible with your toys.  This smooth textured sweet flavoured oil...
      Slow Sex Nipple Play Gel -...Slow Sex Nipple Play Gel -... 2

        Slow Sex Nipple Play Gel - Bijoux

        EDC BI0325
        The Slow Sex Nipple Play gel by Bijoux Indiscrets is a wonderful addition to stimulating nipple play.  This gel combined with the cooling metallic roll-on will provide you with mind-blowing chills. Apply a thin layer to the nipple and play. Kiss the gel and transfer its cooling effect to other erogenous zones. Boost the gels cooling effect by putting it...
        Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm -...Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm -... 2

          Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm - Bijoux

          EDC BIO324
          The Oral Sex Balm by Bijoux Indiscrets is a delicious add-on to your oral play. With a soft, cooling effect, this balm hydrates the skin and allows for a seamless movement between your lips and intimate areas. A mild coconut flavour leaves you smelling and tasting delicious, whilst the soft, silky texture gives your skin a moisturising and smooth effect....
          Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss - ShungaDivine Oral Pleasure Gloss - Shunga 2
            Stimulants & Enhancers

            Divine 3-in-1 Stimulating Oral Pleasure Gloss - Shunga

            BO DP 697309079006/105
            Discover the art of intense and divine oral pleasure with Shunga's Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss. This pleasure lip gloss is designed to sensitize and excite and provides a 3-in-1 cooling, warming, and tingling sensation designed to stimulate both the woman and man's intimate areas through oral play. Apply a small amount to your lips using the gloss-designed...
            Water-Based Flavoured...Water-Based Flavoured... 2

              Water-Based Flavoured Lubricant - Wicked

              CJ 133173
              A leading brand in lubricants, Wicked has introduced a product that will allow your sexual adventures to involve all of the five senses, allowing you to reach your most intimate desires. Each flavour is available in 60ml, are long-lasting, non-sticky, paraben-free, and latex friendly so can be enjoyed safely, also making this ideal with vegans. The...
              Salted Caramel Oral Pleasure Glide - Intimate Earth

                Flavoured Oral Pleasure Glide - Intimate Earth

                Intimate Earth
                BO MS 038IE/037IE
                This Oral Pleasure Glide by Intimate Earth in a variety of delicious flavours is designed for oral and body play.Formulated with natural organic stevia, this glide has no aftertaste and is free from harmful additives. Turn oral sex into a playful experience with a flavoured edible glide of your choice.
                Intimate Kisses Edible Aphrodisiac Stimulating Oil - ShungaIntimate Kisses Edible Aphrodisiac Stimulating Oil - Shunga 2
                  Sex Essentials

                  Intimate Kisses Edible Aphrodisiac Stimulating Oil - Shunga

                  BO DP 697309082082/22149/22026/23115/22019/22088
                  The Intimate Kisses Oil by Shunga is a delicious edible warming oil designed to stimulate and excite your erogenous zones. With it's aphrodisiac qualities, this oil not only heightens the senses, but offers a heating effect on your erogenouse zones designed to stimulate and increase stimulation. With a completely body safe formulae, this oil is safe to...
                  Carnal Pleasures Aphrodisiac Collection - Shunga

                    Carnal Pleasures Ultimate Collection - Shunga

                    BO DP 697309090070
                    Shunga collections are beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting and are designed to enhance your love-making and levels of intimacy. The Carnal Pleasures Collection contains five full-sized products, offering a range of deliciously scented options for your carnal adventures. For the most erotic form of foreplay - use the erotic massage oil to stimulate...
                    Durex Select Flavours - Coloured and Flavoured Condoms - 3 pack
                      Sex Essentials

                      Select Flavours Coloured and Flavoured Condoms (3's) - Durex

                      SM 10061260
                      The Durex Select Flavoured condoms are a pack of 3 coloured and flavoured condoms designed to add extra fun to the bedroom. Featuring banana, strawberry, and orange flavours, these natural rubber latex condoms are teat ended, lubricated, and feature a width of 53mm. For extra comfort use a condom safe durex lubricant, and use only one condom per...
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